I can’t even count the number of times I’ve sat down to write this post.  But every time I have, nothing comes to mind.  What does one say after such a long absence?  I know half of you are thinking that I should talk about my kitchen, and I will, just maybe not in this post.  But truth be told, the kitchen is the last thing on my mind lately.  It seems the two percent of my brain that isn’t currently dedicated to school just isn’t enough, and is going in a wide array of directions, most of which I cannot keep up with any longer.  But we do what we have to do, right?  So I try to keep up.

I don’t think I’ve actually told this to anyone, and I’m still not sure why I am, except, you know, all you people (you know who you are) won’t leave me alone about my blogging absence.  For me, it comes down to fairness.  I write here for pleasure, but I also just write for pleasure.  The five manuscripts collecting virtual dust on my hard drive are just as important to me as my measly blog, and since I can’t take time to give them some words, I find it hard to give my measly blog some.  It may sound stupid, but that’s the bottom line. 

I haven’t come to complete terms with it yet, but I am beginning to realize that I need to write somewhere.  And since I can’t dedicate hours upon hours to my fictional characters, I suppose I can dedicate a few hours a week to the real characters in my life.  I won’t be here often (not that I ever really was), but on the flip side, I also won’t be elsewhere in the blog world very much.

I signed on to my reader account recently and began going through the hundreds of posts that I’d never gotten around to reading.  Eventually, I just bypassed most of them, and will start fresh from now on.  I apologize for everything I missed, and really wish I had the time to catch up.  I’m working on getting into this new routine, but I’m sure you all will know when I finally find my footing.


It sure lasted longer than I thought it would…

Here’s a riddle.  What do you get with a fresh out of school robotic husband and a Saturday with nothing interesting to do?

08-31-09 091 by you.

08-31-09 090 by you.

08-31-09 092 by you.

Boy, do I love renovations.  And if you think this is bad, then you surely haven’t seen the rest of the house.

And through this door…

You probably thought this day would never come.  I wasn’t too sure it would come either.  But here we are, seven months after moving into our new house, and I am ready to continue on with the virtual tour.

We already saw the bathroom, which was the room in the most dire need of a remodel when we moved in.  Therefore, being completed first on the list.

The other day I finally buckled down and finished off the office.  This was a difficult room for various reasons.  First, it’s extremely small.  Like a twin bed would take up half the room small.  Second, the paneling.  Oh, the paneling.  I despise it.  I anticipate the day that I no longer have to look at it. 

So, here it is before we moved in.

08-17-08 016 by you.

08-17-08 017 by you.

So, we painted the paneling an off-white, and the trim bright white.  My mother and I made a valance for the window and a curtain for the closet.  I finally got Derek to put up some shelves, and am rather pleased with how they turned out.

Derek’s beloved Fitzgerald print was the inspiration for this room, but it’s mostly an eclectic mix of things.  Some of my dad’s photography is on the shelves and the four elements fiber art next to the door is my mom’s handy work.

03-15-08 003 by you.

03-15-08 007 by you.

03-15-08 009 by you.

03-15-08 012 by you.

There you have it.  It’s an improvement at least.

Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come

It often staggers me how different it is where we live now compared to where we used to live. 

Our first house was a pink bungalow, nestled into square mile after square mile of basically every shape and color of the exact same house.  You ask any man, and he would probably say it was beige, but you ask me, it was pink.

Our lot was small, allowing me to keep everything trim and neat.  Shoveling the driveway took no more than ten minutes, mowing the lawn took not much more than that.  Each of our neighbors were only ten feet away on either side of us.

Our neighborhood was a community, people were constantly sitting on their front porches, walking over to a neighbors house to simply chat.  When we first moved in, we were the new kids, everyone was feeling a bit disturbed that there was a married couple in their early twenties moving in across the street, or next door.

But, they came to accept us, and eventually some of the houses around us began to change ownership and we no longer held that title.  A city cop lived across the street, an elderly man who only found pleasure in talking to others and sharing his stories next door.  It was a quaint neighborhood.

It’s like a completely different world where we are now, and I just haven’t gotten used to it yet.  We know none of our neighbors, and with some of the things happening, not sure I want to.  I may have to blow some of my steam sooner or later about our neighbors, but now is not the time. 

Anyway, I woke up and let the dogs out this morning to find ten deer wandering around the yard and I wasn’t sure it was real for a moment because when the dogs ran out into their pen, the deer simply lifted their heads, steam coming from their noses, and walked over to the fenceline, inches from the dogs.

I was captivated by what was happening, especially when Keiko, the one that goes berzerk whenever a wild animal is around, simply sat down and lifted his nose to the deer’s head.  By the time I thought to grab my camera, the scene was over and the deer were just wandering again, chomping at the bare branches of our pear tree.

Yesterday afternoon, there were five of them hanging around for a while, and that had been the first time I’d seen any sign of them other than some footprints since November.  I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

For the last few months when I looked out at our property, all I could see was the mess that needed to be tended to, the hours and hours of labor it would take to make it suitable.  I’ve changed my standards, and what was suitable at the old house no longer applies to this one.  I may not live in the country, but in my eyes it’s close enough, and the image of a perfectly manicured, cookie cutter, suburb home is slowly fading with nature taking its place, and there is nothing I love more than nature.

I honestly don’t know where to start.  If feels like so much has been going on, but in reality, there hasn’t been much going on at all.  There seems to be a cloud over my head blocking all the ideas from coming in.  I just don’t know what to write about.

There is the house.  Which, is crawling slowly down that line of items to accomplish.  But, being the obsessive perfectionist that I am, I am unwilling to start sharing pictures until every last detail is seen to.  It’s mainly just minor things now, window coverings, pictures on the walls, some organizing.  But, hopefully soon enough.

There is the cooking.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of that.  I’ve tried some new recipes, and even took some pictures.  I did manage to draft a story about my first encounter with the broiler, which I then forgot to finish and post.  Maybe I should get around to that.

There is school.  In January, I will be going back to start some classes that I need to take prior to the Nursing program.  I am looking forward to going back even more now that my sister has been accepted into the 2009 program.  She was originally accepted for 2010, but got bumped up.  It’ll be fun going through it with her.

Change.  That’s what’s happening.  I am not the best at dealing with change.  It’s great living in the new house, close to my family.  But, suddenly I find myself with more free time than I’ve had in a very long time, and I am lucky if I get to spend one hour of that time with my husband each week.  I find myself responsible for all the things that he used to manage around the house.  I am having a hard time thinking about school, and the fact that I am actually going back to complete a degree (who would have thought THAT could ever happen??).  The next few years are going to be difficult, and I am not ready to face them yet.  But, knowing me, will I ever truly be ready?  I’m not complaining, I suppose I should just face the fact that our lives are really moving on this time, that we’ve finally decided what we wanted out of them.  I was so used to our lives the way they’ve been the last five years, that I can’t imagine it any other way.  Not yet, atleast.  It’ll come to me eventually.

I just realized that last paragraph was pretty heavy.  I try to keep it pretty light here, without talking about things like that, but that’s what is on my mind at the moment.  I hope you don’t mind.

I’m just glad it wasn’t pink and black

Here I am, staying true to my word.  The first room I am going to show you is the bathroom.  Our itty bitty bathroom.  While I would have loved to do a complete makeover, we didn’t.  Someday we plan to put an addition on this house, and I don’t know just how the layout is going to be yet.  So, we’ve decided not to change some things that may just be totally changed five or ten years from now.  I mean, if this isn’t going to be a bathroom at that time, why would we waste money on something like tile, that will just have to be thrown out when the major remodel comes. Right?  Anyway, here is the bathroom.  It’s not anything fancy, but it’s cute now.


I didn’t like anything about the bathroom.  It was so dark in there.  The red walls, the glare from the glass shower door, and the dark wood.  I couldn’t stand it.  Neither of us could stand comfortably under the existing showerhead, so it had to go.


We painted the walls an off-white, replaced all those dark fixtures with new white ones, took out the glass door, and it made a world of difference.  We also switched out the showerhead and tub faucet, you just can’t see them in the pictures.  It turned out better than I expected it to.  I am still not a huge fan of the tile, but it works in there. 

None of the other rooms are picture worthy yet, but I will share them as soon as they are.  Hopefully that doesn’t take me all winter….

And the award for worst blogger of the year goes to…

I suppose I can say that my little hiatus is over.  You know that thing called life, well that seemed to get in the way.  That can happen sometimes.  Every time I sat down to write something, nothing came out right.  I wish I could say that we decided to take a vacation, go somewhere exotic, but that wasn’t the case.  Exactly the opposite, in fact.  Unless you consider a small brick ranch in constant disarray to be exotic.  Which, when I put it that way, seems possible.  I am SO not used to having things so disorganized.  Moving, remodeling, school, it all seemed to happen at once.

Things are finally starting to slow down and we are settling, quite comfortably, into our new house.  It sure feels like we’ve lived there longer than a month.  My husband’s impatience pushed everything along, not quite smoothly, but pushed it nonetheless.  We’ve got almost everything accomplished that we set out to accomplish in the beginning.  There are just a few finishing touches to take care of, and we are set for now.  I plan to start posting before and after pictures sometime soon, but I am not making any promises.  I seem to be pretty bad with the whole posting thing lately anyway. 

Autumn is officially here.  Can I just say that I am very happy about it.  I love everything about fall, and look forward to it every year.  I take that back, I am not looking forward to raking an acre full of leaves all by myself.  When we were younger, I enjoyed it most of the time, because it was a family affair.  It was time spent outside with the family, and it was always fun.  Now, Derek is extremely busy, and I am stuck with all the chores for myself.  In the end, I probably will enjoy it though.  Just being outside in the fall makes me happy.

So, hopefully this time I can say I am back, and actually mean it.  I am not going to commit publicly to anything, but I promise I will try my hardest to post more often.  Apparently, the three people that read my blog really miss hearing from me.  Who would have thought?

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