My version of the rainbow


My first quilt.  Also my first sewing project.  Ever.  What have I gotten myself into?


It sure lasted longer than I thought it would…

Here’s a riddle.  What do you get with a fresh out of school robotic husband and a Saturday with nothing interesting to do?

08-31-09 091 by you.

08-31-09 090 by you.

08-31-09 092 by you.

Boy, do I love renovations.  And if you think this is bad, then you surely haven’t seen the rest of the house.

And through this door…

You probably thought this day would never come.  I wasn’t too sure it would come either.  But here we are, seven months after moving into our new house, and I am ready to continue on with the virtual tour.

We already saw the bathroom, which was the room in the most dire need of a remodel when we moved in.  Therefore, being completed first on the list.

The other day I finally buckled down and finished off the office.  This was a difficult room for various reasons.  First, it’s extremely small.  Like a twin bed would take up half the room small.  Second, the paneling.  Oh, the paneling.  I despise it.  I anticipate the day that I no longer have to look at it. 

So, here it is before we moved in.

08-17-08 016 by you.

08-17-08 017 by you.

So, we painted the paneling an off-white, and the trim bright white.  My mother and I made a valance for the window and a curtain for the closet.  I finally got Derek to put up some shelves, and am rather pleased with how they turned out.

Derek’s beloved Fitzgerald print was the inspiration for this room, but it’s mostly an eclectic mix of things.  Some of my dad’s photography is on the shelves and the four elements fiber art next to the door is my mom’s handy work.

03-15-08 003 by you.

03-15-08 007 by you.

03-15-08 009 by you.

03-15-08 012 by you.

There you have it.  It’s an improvement at least.

I’m just glad it wasn’t pink and black

Here I am, staying true to my word.  The first room I am going to show you is the bathroom.  Our itty bitty bathroom.  While I would have loved to do a complete makeover, we didn’t.  Someday we plan to put an addition on this house, and I don’t know just how the layout is going to be yet.  So, we’ve decided not to change some things that may just be totally changed five or ten years from now.  I mean, if this isn’t going to be a bathroom at that time, why would we waste money on something like tile, that will just have to be thrown out when the major remodel comes. Right?  Anyway, here is the bathroom.  It’s not anything fancy, but it’s cute now.


I didn’t like anything about the bathroom.  It was so dark in there.  The red walls, the glare from the glass shower door, and the dark wood.  I couldn’t stand it.  Neither of us could stand comfortably under the existing showerhead, so it had to go.


We painted the walls an off-white, replaced all those dark fixtures with new white ones, took out the glass door, and it made a world of difference.  We also switched out the showerhead and tub faucet, you just can’t see them in the pictures.  It turned out better than I expected it to.  I am still not a huge fan of the tile, but it works in there. 

None of the other rooms are picture worthy yet, but I will share them as soon as they are.  Hopefully that doesn’t take me all winter….

Finally getting around to it..

The pictures below are from a calendar from 2006.  I’ve always loved the pictures, so I saved them and had planned on doing something with them a long time ago.  Well, I am finally getting around to it.  This is how I spent my friday night, arranging pictures and taping them to the wall.  Anyway, Derek will be making some picture frames for them and I’d like to hang either four or six of them above my desk.  I just can’t decide which ones, and how many.  I will warn you now, even though I’ve started this project, it most likely won’t be finished until summertime.  Well, unless Derek gets sick of unframed pictures haphazardly taped to the wall (I’ve got all eight of them taped up right now, to help me decide), and takes it into his own hands.  Which, he most likely will do. While I may have control issues about many things, when it comes to unfinished projects, he blows me away!

So, I am enlisting your help in my decision making process to give it a little shove in the right direction.  Hopefully I can finish this thing before I start hearing about it every single day.  These are the eight pictures I liked the best.

Here is combo number one:

Combo number two:

Combo number three:

Or any other combination thereof.  I’ve pictured the top of the desk in a couple of them to provide some prospective of the space they will be hanging in.  Please help!!