V-Day Redux

It seems I can’t get away from telling everyone how the dinner turned out.

I didn’t overcook the meat.  It wasn’t quite what I had been hoping for, but it turned out pretty darn good.

I ended up buying a new meat thermometer, leaving it in the meat and camping out in front of the oven for 20 minutes while it roasted. 

I think I may have put the thermometer in too far, because when I pulled the meat out the center was still too raw, and that’s saying a lot if you’ve seen some of the meat I’ve eaten.  So I put it in for a few more minutes.

I did, however manage to mess up everything else that was accompanying the meat.  I was roasting asparagus and left it in a bit too long and the rice wasn’t the best I’d ever made.

I was happy enough with everything in the end.  The real kicker is that Derek enjoyed the meal.  I’m not sure he was just being nice because I wasn’t that happy with it or if he did actually like it.

Whatever the case, I’d say it was a 80% success.  Which is pretty good for my first go at something.  There is another tenderloin sitting in my freezer, so sometime soon I will have another go at it.

Here’s to hoping it comes out a bit better next time.


If this doesn’t work, I’m quitting.

So, I think Valentine’s Day may not be all it’s hyped up to be. 

It’s just another day to me. 

I don’t care about overpriced flowers or candy, or mushy cards expressing endless love. 

I do, however, care about spending time with my husband.

Wait, a husband?  I actually have one of those?  Somehow, I don’t view a man that I spend approximately three coherent hours with a week as a husband.

I am so happy that he is finally getting into something he will enjoy, and spending every moment he has working hard toward that finish line, but lately I feel like a crazy woman who spends her time talking to her dogs as she would her husband.

It’s hard.  It’s frustrating.  It’s lonely.  But, it’s necessary and it’ll all be worth it in the end.  I know this.  But sometimes a girl just needs to complain.

So tomorrow, between his hours of studying and when he leaves at 7 pm for clinicals all night long,  I will be making us a nice dinner.

That part of it is just ducky.  It’s the 16,000 pound elephant I have sitting on my shoulders in anticipation of cooking beef tenderloin that has me freaking out.  Something I’ve never attempted, and something I am positive I will fail at.

See, if there is one thing I do extremely well when cooking, it’s not being able to gauge when a piece of meat is properly cooked.  Also read as:  Always overcooking the meat. 

I’ve yet to learn to ignore the annoying, nagging glitch in my brain that tells me to keep on cooking that meat, it’s not even close yet.  

So, I am hoping for a miracle to happen tomorrow when I stick that little piece of heaven in an oven at almost 500 degrees.  Wish me luck!

Yes, I really do eat the giblets

I enjoy cooking.  I’ve never been the best at it, but done well enough.  The first couple years I was married, we ate spaghetti and chicken enchiladas quite a bit.  Those were the only two foolproof meals I could conjure up.  Other than that, Derek would grill steak, chicken, and pork chops most of the time.  I’ve tried out quite a few recipes over the years, most of which didn’t turn out great.

In the last year, I’ve been trying a lot more things, and have expanded my list of meals I can actually cook.  It wouldn’t be a problem if my husband was the type of eater I am.  I am not one bit picky.  I will basically eat anything, and love eating the weirdest types of food.  I am one of those people that will eat the giblets after they are used to flavor the gravy.  Derek, on the other hand, is The Worlds Pickiest Eater.  Nothing can ever be prepared to his liking, and he isn’t afraid to let me know.  He might just look at a dish, and decide right then that he will not be trying it.  He isn’t anything like most men, where they will tolerate whatever is put in front of them.  He should’ve been a food critic.  He has specific parameters that must be met.  But, if I don’t cook something, he is content eating a bowl of cereal for each and every meal!  He also doesn’t like seafood, and I am a seafood freak!  In a way, I am glad he is like this (to a certain extent), because it has really helped me hone my cooking skills. 

Recipes are my downfall.  I never know which ones to pick out, and have trouble gauging whether or not they will taste good.  When I do finally choose one, I have a hard time picturing it in my head, so it never seems to come out right.

So, when I stumbled upon this site last year, it was a match made in heaven.  When I first started trying some of her recipes, I would just setup the laptop in the kitchen and follow along.  It was so easy, and they all turned out just how they should.  I praise everyone that has a food blog and takes the time to snap a shot of each step, it makes things so much easier for a beginner cook like myself. 

I haven’t been cooking a whole lot lately.  Hello, grilling season!  But, I seem to have a sudden obsession with food blogs.  So, I’ve been wanting to cook a million different things.  Some of the food blogs I love include; Noble Pig, Burp! Where food happens, and Smitten Kitchen. Not to leave out The PW.

Another reason I couldn’t do a whole lot of cooking the first few years was that there was only two of us.  Added to the Worlds Pickiest Eater, is the fact that he doesn’t like leftovers.  I got sick of eating the same thing for dinner every single day, while he got to go out and get whatever he wanted.  Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that he doesn’t like things that have been frozen.  As you can see, I was in quite a predicament.

I am going somewhere with all this, really!  See, I am moving back to my hometown, just a few minutes from my family and friends.  In the past years, I was living a little too far for comfort, and nobody ever wanted to come visit me, even to come over for dinner.  So,  I didn’t get many opportunities to try out recipes and feed anyone besides myself.  I always hated to waste food, so I just wouldn’t make things that would go to waste.

But now, I can try things and actually feed it to people that will appreciate me trying, and there will be just enough leftovers so Derek can try it, and there won’t be any wasted if he doesn’t like it!  See, I’ve got it all figured out.  I’m smart like that.