About Me

Hi, my name is Steph. 

I live in the state that at any given moment, a person is no more than six miles from a natural water source, or 85 miles from a coastline.  I live in the suburbs of the only major U.S. city that looks south to Canada.  I’ve lived here all my life, and don’t know if I could ever move away.

I am married to Derek, and as of right now, we have two children (of the furry variety), Kirra and Keiko.  Kirra is our petite little brat, who is too smart for her own good.  Staying a step ahead of her is no good, you have to stay a mile ahead of this little one.  I think Keiko suffers from multiple personality disorder, he is never consistent with his behavior, and oh yeah, he whines like a girl all the time.

My current story is that I have spent seven years in college studying a plethora of different majors, all mainly geared toward engineering, while working in an engineering related field.  I have only recently decided what to do with my life, and that is Nursing.  So, until I get to that next chapter of my life, things aren’t very interesting .  My husband is finishing up school, and will soon be a Paramedic.  Learning is a passion of mine, and I never want to stop.  That little quirk should lead me to some interesting places in the future.

I enjoy cooking, cleaning, gardening, decorating, organizing, planning, reading and writing, but I don’t think I could ever quit work to stay at home all day.

Things I love include; Target, steamed milk, fall colors, pajama pants, flip flops, email, old books, Trader Joe’s, seafood, Von Maur sales, boats, flea markets, perfect punctuation, Victoria’s Secret, english accents, Mike’s hard lemonade and school.

Things I don’t love so much include; chocolate, slow drivers, waiting, hard liquor, feminine decorating, sports and PT Cruisers.

I am a very reserved person, but have no problem writing on this here blog.  So, that’s what you will find here, me writing about whatever I feel like. 

Enjoy your stay! Don’t forget to visit again!


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  1. michelle Henrick
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 14:27:20

    Wow, beautiful huskies!!


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