I’ve grown a bit tired of seeing that sappy post heading up my blog, as I’m sure many of you are as well.

Aside from the challenge I face every night I work, things have been great.

There are many happenings here at the homestead, all of which I still need to document with photographs.

Here’s a peek at a current landscaping project, though these pictures show it in its infancy.  It’s all grown up now and ready to face the world.

Derek is back to his robotic ways now that he isn’t working 29 days every single month, and absolutely loving it.  Add to that the golfing, and he is one happy man.

And HA!  I’ve got proof.  He actually posed for a picture with me, and I do believe that’s a hint of a smile on his face.

I hope to go walking around the yard soon wielding my camera so I can follow up with more pictures.  Right now I’ve got a midterm due.  You’d think I’d learn and give myself a break from school now that I am a REAL professional, but do I?  No.  Someday….