It sure lasted longer than I thought it would…

Here’s a riddle.  What do you get with a fresh out of school robotic husband and a Saturday with nothing interesting to do?

08-31-09 091 by you.

08-31-09 090 by you.

08-31-09 092 by you.

Boy, do I love renovations.  And if you think this is bad, then you surely haven’t seen the rest of the house.


The U.P.

It seems that whenever there are functions with Derek’s family, there are always just as many kids as there are adults.  It’s hectic and loud, but it’s wonderful.  Whenever there are functions with my family, however, the dogs seem to take over the role that kids seem to fill.  It’s just as hectic and loud, and it’s just as wonderful.

We went up north earlier this month to celebrate my grandmother’s 88th birthday.  And just as always, had a very relaxing trip.

We got there and Derek went fishing with my cousins and their spouses, while I sucked it up and put my toes in the freezing lake to give the dog’s their bath.  Because the last bath they’d received was the last time we were there, and that was two years ago.

08-10-09 001 by you.

They met up with all their “cousin” dogs and played the afternoon away on the beach.  Here’s the beginning of the pack.

08-10-09 075 by you.

My sister-in-law showed up and brought her husky.  Those three absolutely love each other.  And notice how Kirra just sits and watches over her men?

08-10-09 197 by you.

And because eight dogs just wasn’t enough, she had to go and adopt this little creature.

08-10-09 243 by you.

And Derek and I almost left with another.  What a trip that would have been.  I’ve puppy-sat that little girl only a few times and boy, am I glad we didn’t get another puppy.

As far as the people go.  Remember, those human beings?  Well, we didn’t actually do a whole lot of anything.  There was plenty of this going on.

08-10-09 228 by you.

And this.

08-10-09 080 by you.

Up North.  I miss you already.  And I almost kissed the beach before we left, knowing there would be a peaceful ride home.

08-10-09 262 by you.

They didn’t make a sound the entire six hours.  Those are some worn out puppies.

Down in the VA-lley

So, Virginia.  What a lovely place.  Especially when your time is spent with a hoard of wonderful women.

 08-03-09 078 by you.

The Capri’s (that’s what they call themselves, and I’m still not sure just how that came about) finally decided to allow us young gals into their ‘club’. I’ve officially decided that no matter the reason for the name, to me it simply means good luck.

We shopped. A LOT. As in, we shopped the entire time we were there. It wasn’t a shopathon, it was a completely new word that I haven’t quite put my finger on yet.  Whatever the case, just realize that there was no skimping on the amount of shopping we did.  Have I gotten my point across yet?

When all the shops were closed and we weren’t physically able to shop, we sat on the porch, taking in the view, talking about nothing in general, and just having a great time.

 08-03-09 026 by you.

08-03-09 024 by you.

And oh yeah, doting on this fuzzball.

 08-03-09 037 by you.

This is Paddy.  The beaver.  My Aunt rescued her and is raising her until she is able to go out into the wild again.  And let me tell you, I almost died from the cuteness of this creature.  And the sound she made.  If you ever get a chance, please find some audio of a beaver and just listen.  It’s pretty adorable.

 08-03-09 054 by you.

08-03-09 063 by you.

Among the multitude of animals on Sassy Cat Hill, some of the others include; Mr. Kowalski, the rooster, Cedric, the box turtle, and of course the eight?? cats that live there.

08-03-09 014 by you.

Thanks again ladies for a wonderful weekend!  Same time next year?

Here, then gone again.

So I really meant to find time to tell you all about the trip to Virginia before we left again, but somehow I ran out.  I’m pretty good at that!

We’re off to the U.P. in the morning, and I still haven’t finished packing.  At least I will have plenty to talk about when we get back.

Have a great weekend!