The story behind MC

So, I had planned on telling you the story of my cowboy, but didn’t feel like putting up a post three miles long.  Please forgive me.

To sum it all up, it was a joke.

This past weekend the warehouse where Derek works put on its first annual hi-lo rodeo.  One person from each warehouse throughout the States was chosen to compete.  He was the chosen one from Michigan.

It was held here, at the warehouse where he works.  And since he heard about this months ago, he’s been dreading it all along.  One day a few weeks ago, I was telling my Aunt about it and she offered to let him borrow her husband’s chaps and cowboy hat.  And of course I told her there was no way he would ever do that.

I was wrong.  He did it.  And it was awesome.  Everyone else laughed in the beginning, and a lot of people asked him if that was how he normally dressed.

They had a series of events in which they had to perform using the hi-lo’s.  Some involved moving stuff around, some involved pretty intricate maneuvering.  And then there was a written test at the end.

He ended up getting second place, and later found out it was only by a few measly points.  So someone from California won the five day trip to the Caribbean.  Someone who gets warm weather year-round won the trip.  And us Michiganders, who suffer frigid temperatures half the year didn’t.  I’m not bitter at all.  No really, the guy worked hard for it and deserved it in the end, so I can’t really complain.  I told Derek he couldn’t get another job until he wins me a trip.  He laughed.

It was actually a really fun weekend.  They put us up at Motor City Casino downtown and we ate fabulous food and got to see an awesome Tigers game.  I  think baseball is officially my sport of choice to watch.  It seems to be the one I understand the most.  And by that I do not mean that I completely understand it, because I don’t.  I just seem to understand it a bit more than the others.

07-25-09 101 by you.

07-25-09 119 by you.

They were tied in the ninth inning and the Tigers ended up winning in the extra inning. 

We didn’t have any time to really explore and walk around downtown, which I really wanted to do, but managed to snap some photos from our hotel room window.  This first picture is what you saw when you looked one way. 

07-25-09 079 by you.

And looking the other way, destruction was all around.  Here is Michigan Central Station, which I am so glad they haven’t torn down.  I’m pretty sure there isn’t one window left unbroken.

07-25-09 078 by you.

And here is what’s left of old Tiger stadium. 

07-25-09 072 by you.

In all honesty, I wasn’t looking forward to the weekend very much either, but it turned out to be better than either of us had imagined.


Tomorrow morning, I am escaping Michigan and driving to Virginia to spend the weekend with the girls in the lovely Shenandoah Valley.  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.


If you look straight ahead, you’ll see MC

If someone had asked me seven years ago when Derek and I met if I thought I’d ever see a day where Derek was dressed up in chaps, spurs and a cowboy hat, there wouldn’t have been a breath of air between the end of the question and my firm ‘NO!’

07-25-09 JK 070 by you.

Well, I officially have myself a cowboy.

07-25-09 044 copy by you.

Minus a horse.  And a saddle.  And…ok, minus a many things.  But unlike many other cowboy’s, mine has a hi-lo!

07-25-09 JK 004 by you.

I made him buy that shirt a few month’s ago in spite of all his whining.  He said it made him look like a farmer.  That’s when I jumped in and said, “Well, WHY do you think I want you to buy it?  You look HOT!”  And I may have used a few other phrases that I won’t repeat on this family friendly blog.  What is it about farmers and cowboys, anyway?

I’d say it did its job well.  He sure had my blood churning. 

07-25-09 045 by you.

All I have to say is…why?

You know, sometimes being curious can be an adventure.  Other times?  Not so much.

Last night, I walked into the living room to find Keiko pouncing around on the rug like a cat, putting something in his mouth, throwing it and then chasing after it once again.  He does this with tennis balls and other toys.  But last night, it looked to me that he was simply being a little insane and chasing after nothing in general, probably a burst of air or something.  Because he’s done that before, too.

Turns out, as I turned to walk away, a small black ball landed near my feet and he was once again pouncing on it.  Well, not so much on it, but next to it.  Then carefully picking it up again and continuing to play with it.

And okay, here goes.  I cannot believe I am about to type this.  Just thinking about it is forcing me to relive the entire experience, and that is one that I would gladly go another hundred years without reliving.  It was THAT bad.  Thinking it was  just something simple, I picked up the black ball, which then decided to do away with it’s protective ball shape and turn once again into a spider.

I picked up a spider.  With my bare hands.  And what happened next wasn’t my brightest moment, I’ll say that much.  To use the phrase, ‘I screamed like a girl’, is an understatement.  Because I didn’t, I threw that thing and was quivering on the couch probably within two seconds of actually picking it up.  And of course, Keiko is thinking we’re playing, so he chases it, picks it up and brings it back to me.  Why thank you, Keiko.  How generous of you!

Anyway, the story doesn’t end there.  I worked up the courage to pick it up with a tissue and put it in a glass.  Only then did I notice how friggin huge the thing was.  I mean, I’m talking the size of a nickel, maybe bigger.  And just for the record, I still can’t believe I am still talking about his, because if you asked me at this moment, I’d tell you that millions of spiders were burrowing underneath my skin, ready to eat me from the inside out for killing their cousin.  So I carried the glass into the office and looked up the spider on the internet.

The internet is no longer my friend.  Not when it can produce such disturbing images.  Images, by the way, that kept me up half the night.  I never did find out what type of spider it was because the thing decided to start crawling around in the glass and I couldn’t stand being within inches of it anymore.  So I put it on a tissue and hit it with my shoe.  Because, hello, I am not squeezing that thing between my fingers.  And then I even thought about throwing the glass away.

After literally half an hour of researching spiders (who EVER thought I’d say that in my lifetime?), I stumbled across a picture of a black widow and it did me in.  But not before etching nightmares into my brain that will probably stay there for eternity.

I think I may have a slight problem.  And I may have to wear gloves for the rest of my life.

You know, just in case you actually were wondering…

Here are some things I am currently loving:

The Uniform Project. I think the idea of this is genius and love looking at the different creations! Not to mention the cause.

Thriving Ivory. I first downloaded their single “Angels on the moon”, and the other day I saw the album for cheap on iTunes, so I downloaded it. And I am loving it!

The Guggenheim Grotto. My sister turned me onto these guys, and their album is great.  I do believe I’ve always had a weakness when it comes to Irish men, though. 

Some things I am currently looking forward to:

August.  The first weekend in August, I am going to visit my Aunt in Virginia.  I can’t even remember the last time I was there!  The second weekend we are going to our cottage in the U.P.  It’s been two years since we’ve been there!  And sometime during the month, Kev is coming in from NY!  And most importantly, NO! SCHOOL!  I’ve got two weeks left of Pharmacology and then it’s free sailing through August.

Landscaping.  My husband is out of control right now with building gardens and I honestly hope it does stop some time soon.  It very well may take me twelve years to fill it all up!  Okay, probably not.

Peppers.  This may sound a little weird, but this is my first year planting anything that was actually edible, and the three pepper plants I have are doing awesome!  There is already about four peppers on each plant.  If you have any great recipes that calls for bell peppers, I beg you to pass them on.

A bunch of my mom’s work is on exhibit at 212 Arts Center in Saline and tonight is the gallery reception. Here is some more info if you’re interested.  She’s a star!

Have a great weekend!

A night at the Castle

07-10-09 251 by you.

07-10-09 198 by you.

07-10-09 192 by you.

07-10-09 204 by you.

We spent last weekend up north for Derek’s brother’s wedding.  It was held at Castle Farms and that place is simply beautiful!

Most importantly, we got to see our niece and nephew from Florida!

07-10-09 078 by you.

This little angel turned one the day before the wedding so we had fun celebrating.

07-10-09 137 by you.

And this little man couldn’t have been more adorable in his tux.  He was the ring bearer, though when the time came he wasn’t nearly this happy about it.

07-10-09 217 by you.

07-10-09 266 by you.

I had to throw this picture of Derek and his dad in there because you really have no idea how rare a shot like this is.  I remember asking them to smile and almost falling off my chair when they actually did.  It’s a little blurry, mainly because I don’t think I was all there at this point, and definitely not enough to remember to use the auto-focus.

07-10-09 051 by you.

The drunkling

So, do you want to hear about my drunk dog?  Because that’s all I’ve got right now.

07-09-09 021 copy by you.

About a month ago, Kirra ran into a little abscess on her bee-hind and I took her to the vet one evening.  Not having any openings at our normal vet’s office, they recommended one of their sister offices, so I took her there.  Turns out, the two women vets there are Simply. Awesome.  So I decided to keep going there, but that’s beside the point.  The one that took care of Kirra that night recommended a sedative before her follow up visit.  At which point I wanted to throw myself into the vet’s arms and thank her for finally suggesting something to get us through those uncontrollable visits.  So that’s what we did.

The other day I had another follow up appointment and had to give her the same thing.  Now, this is only supposed to calm a dog a bit.  Put them at ease.  However, a larger dose was recommended for her due to her high distress level.  So, from now on, before her appointments I will have a drunk dog who stumbles around the house with streams of drool coming from her mouth and bloodshot eyes.

Does it make me a bad mother that I think it’s hilarious?  The first time I honestly was worried because she was acting like she was paralyzed and crying in a way I’d never heard before.  Then I remembered that if there was one sole drama queen on this earth, it’s her.  She spent her time milking it for all it was worth, pulling whatever treats and attention she could from me before I finally realized that she was just playing it up.

So the second time around, she was a little stronger and seemed to fight the effects a bit better.  But she still chose to lay in the living room and pout the two hours between the dose and the appointment away.

07-09-09 016c by you.

Of course, that’s when she wasn’t trying to make me think she couldn’t walk and decided to scooch on her belly around the rug in order to move from one spot to another. 

07-09-09 019 copy by you.

As it happened before, the moment I grabbed my keys she bolted up, albeit a bit wobbly, and was waiting at the door.

Welcome back, Kirra.

07-09-09 014c by you.

Starting the weekend with a bang

So, it’s not actually the weekend yet, but I’m sure most of us wish it was.

06-29-09 026 by you.

 A little premature, I know.  But the city I live in put on its annual fireworks show this past Sunday.  I haven’t been to this particular show in about seven years, and had forgotten just how good a job they do.

My sister-in-law bought a house just a block from the field where they shoot them off, and she had her first annual fireworks party that night.  It was a perfect spot.

06-29-09 041 by you.

I’d never photographed fireworks before, so when I decided to try, I was a little taken back by how good they turned out. 

06-29-09 051 by you.

It did take quite a bit of tweaking during the whole show, but it was fun!

06-29-09 064 by you.

06-29-09 067 by you.

06-29-09 072 by you.

06-29-09 083 by you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July weekend!