Beautiful Lengths

Just in case any of you didn’t know just how much of a dork I really am, I will tell you that I am sitting here patiently waiting for Derek to get home so we can go out to dinner with some friends and then head over to IMAX to see Transformers 2.

And you have no idea just how excited I am to finally see it!

So, to kill some time, I will tell you about one tuesday morning when I headed over to Kel’s to get my hair trimmed. Not expecting to have nearly enough to donate, she measured it and revealed nine inches.

So I lopped it off. Instead of reiterating what Kel has already posted, I am just going to lead you to her post about it.

Here are some other before and after pictures as well.  The weekend before we took a trip to the DIA.

And the weekend after, we went and saw the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

I am donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and eventually I know I will do it again.

Once everyone, including myself, got over the shock of the drastic change, it seems to be accepted now.  But most of all, it just feels great to know that it will help a woman out there, and for that,  it’s worth it.


Is this thing on?

So, ummm…hi?  Remember me?

I didn’t actually mean to disappear from the blogging portion of my life.  It just sort of happened.  I won’t make any promises, just say that I will try not to let that happen again.

In the meantime, Keiko will be today’s feature in all his goofy, nerdy glory.  Him and I spent an evening together when Kirra stayed overnight at the vet a few weeks ago for an abscess on her…well, let’s just say it wasn’t in a very comfortable spot.

This is the essence of Keiko.  With his ears drawn back and that long tongue with nowhere to go.  Except, when he was a puppy, he was all ears and tongue. 


Why did he have to go and grow up?

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