A few lists of eight

Kel did this last week, and I just needed a post to pass the time. Enjoy! 


1. Being a Nurse

2. Being a mother

3. My husband becoming a Paramedic

4. Our next vacation, because who knows when that’ll be!

5. Warm weather

6. Living a long life

7. Growing a vegetable garden

8.  Learning new things all the time


1. Worked

2. Went to class (The last one for this semester!!)

3. Went to the Doctor’s office

4. Took a drug screen

5. Studied

6. Went to the grocery store

7. Went to the library

8. Read a book


1. Talk to people as easily as I write

2. Not have to think about things for approximately ten years before acting

3. Not have trouble getting pregnant

4. Make friends more easily

5. Be more independent

6. Be less impatient, and have less of a temper

7. Not stress out over things that aren’t worth stressing out over

8. Give better advice


1. Bones

2. Gray’s Anatomy

3. Heroes

4. Private Practice 

5. House

6. Samantha Who

7. Jon & Kate Plus 8

8. Law & Order: SVU


It was just the call I needed

So, my sister-in-law called me a few weeks ago with the news that a bunch of them were going to see Ray Lamontagne and that someone had backed out so they had an extra ticket.

We went Sunday night.  It was at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor.  I absolutely love his music, but rumor had it that while he was a very good live performance, he never spoke to the audience and was viewed overall as a boring, grumpy man with a killer voice.

The entire performance held true to the rumors.  He played song after song, only speaking once to say ‘thank you very much’ when he was finished, and at another point to introduce his band.

The entire time, two of the most yelled phrases from the audience included, ‘Talk to us, Ray!’ and ‘Ray, come to Rothbury!’

Then he came back out for an encore and after playing another song, he began to thank everyone again for buying tickets, which led into a slight discussion about the economy and how he knew what it felt like to be broke.

But then!  Then he said something along the lines of, ‘So, in the six years I’ve been doing this, I wanted you to know that I’ve never spoken more than two sentences to an audience.’ 

Then he talked some more, laughter ringing throughout the entire crowd.

It turned out to be an awesome night, and an awesome performance from a very talented artist.

We even went out for sushi before the concert.  Because, really, does it get any better than a night filled with sushi and Ray?

Because I said so!

Will someone please remind me why I moved to the city and not the country?

We’ve been getting around to fencing our yard, and it’s not the easiest thing when you have such a large, hilly, heavily wooded lot to enclose.

We decided to go with a more naturalistic approach to fencing materials, and we were going to use cedar posts with a woven farm fencing.  Aside from the tremendous difference in price, in my opinion, it just looks better.  It is also much easier to install with such a contoured lot.

Fast forward, all supplies have been purchased, the property has been surveyed and prepared for the fence.  We installed the cedar posts and the following day we get a notice from the city that we need a permit to complete the work.  Go figure.

I go to the city to apply for the permit and am sternly told that we are not allowed to use farm fencing.

At the moment, I am quite perturbed with the city officials, and am not looking forward to working this little kink out of the process.  Question after question were fired off from my end, and the only answer that was given to me was that “those are the rules, it’s been that way since 1993, no deviations.”

Never mind that the fence is made from the exact same material, blends into the landscape better than a chain link would, and would look 100 percent better, “THOSE ARE THE RULES!”  Never mind that nowhere in the code does is say specifically that farm fencing is prohibited.  Or that we have over an acre and our zoning is that of ‘rural urban farming’ and we are actually allowed to have cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, yet we can’t have a type of fence that was created solely for the purpose of keeping those types of animals corralled.

I was so upset the first time that I actually had to walk out to calm down and then go back in to discuss the issue further.  It didn’t change anything.

Derek went in there with specs and pictures of the fencing, explanations, more questions and was told the exact same thing.

So now we have to pay $150 to file a variance, prove our case and hope that they allow what we want to do.

The inner workings of the city still baffles me, and in my line of work, I’ve dealt with some very interesting city officials.  But this, THIS! just doesn’t make any sense to me.  I mean, if the only argument they can come up with is “because that’s just the way it is”, maybe it shouldn’t be that way after all.

So, we will suck it up and do what needs to be done, and I will try to do it with a smile on my face.

A holiday and high heels

We had a wonderful holiday weekend, full of family and nice weather.  On Saturday, my mother came over and we spent half the day working on my gardens, cleaning up and planting some new things, and of course making plans for everything else I hope to accomplish there.  We spent the rest of the day at her house, doing the same thing.

Sunday afternoon, my sister came over and helped me out some more in the garden, and we got so much accomplished.  It was a very productive weekend.

Saturday evening, we were invited to dinner at my brother’s house, and spent a few hours there with our family and our nephew.

I got some new things from my friend in NYC, these shoes being the highlight of this shipment.

Photos courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

It’s been a long time since I’ve worn shoes such as these.  They are gorgeous, extremely high and fragile, and undoubtedly uncomfortable.  I wore them to church and almost toppled over in pain near the end of it, but I couldn’t let the beauties get the best of me.

They are a bit more broken in now, so next time shouldn’t be so bad.  But my absolute favorite feature?  Is the fact that even with them on, I’m still not as tall as my husband.

Keiko is three today!  Happy Birthday Kakes!

Some things I’ve recently learned the hard way

Not to go to the bathroom with your cell phone in the front pocket of your sweatshirt.  As you lean over to flush, there is a good chance it will fall out and disappear down the toilet.

To not tell your husband about flushed phone, as you will never hear the end of it.

To back up all your contact information prior to flushing your phone down the toilet.

That living without any form of voice communication for one day can be sheer terror.

That a brand new phone is much shinier and less banged up than the last.

A step in the right direction

Do you ever have that feeling that something just isn’t real?

That’s how I’ve felt about going into this Nursing program up until now.

I received a thick packet of papers in the mail yesterday with requirements up the wazoo that need to be completed in the next month.  It feels like I am signing my life over to this school, and I am finally realizing that I pretty much am.

Okay, not really.  It’s a big step, and I am finally coming face to face with that fact.  Up until now, it’s just been something lingering on the outskirts of everything else that is going on.  Which, when added to THAT list, it is now the size of a small country.

I’m not complaining, I’m just a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  I will be taking classes both spring and summer, and will only get a couple of weeks off before starting up in September.

I have tests and immunizations that need to be done, orientations to attend, booklets, rules and regulations to read, CPR licensure to complete, drug testing, a criminal background check to be done, and advisors to meet with.

But, in the end, I realize that I’ve been waiting for this time to come for a long time.  It’s finally here, and it’s finally real.

I am in a bit of a rush right now, but I am going to try to come around here more often.  I do have plenty to talk about.