Because six is such a great number

Kel tagged me with this one last week.

I am to go to the sixth folder of pictures and post the sixth picture in that folder.

This was Derek’s birthday celebration in 2004.  That lopsided German Chocolate cake was a labor of love his mother and I did together. From left to right is me, my two grandmother’s seated at the table, Derek, my grandfather walking to the living room, Derek’s sister and her then boyfriend (now husband) and Derek’s mother.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caprik
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 06:28:04

    Your Folk’s house looks so different now!
    Ah, it was nice to see summer clothes!
    That cake was SO sweet! Thanks for playing along!


  2. deb
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 09:01:28

    Oh my how time has flown! You look exactly the same, that picture of you and Derek could have been taken yesterday (except for the summer clothes, of course). I like the kitchen much better now, and I think its time to paint the living room walls…they have been that color for a long time.


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