Country living….in the city, part 2

We had a few visitors the other night.

I’ve seen some deer in our backyard a few times since we’ve lived here.  It was always only one at a time.  I was going to let the dogs out a few nights ago, and way in the backyard I spied one deer behind a tree.  I decided to grab the camera to get some pictures, and when I got out there, I noticed another one on the edge of the woods.  I went inside to get a different lens and when I came back out, this is what greeted me.

It’s hard to believe they were all just standing there in my backyard.  We live in a very suburban area, but our backyard backs up to a short span of woods and then a creek.  Other than that, we are completely surrounded by houses.  They didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence at all.  I continued to walk closer to them, until I was standing about ten feet away.  It turns out they were a little curious as well.  A couple of them started coming toward me.

They walked a few feet closer to me, and then were distracted by something.  Probably the loud construction workers and machinery working on a house behind us, not even fifty feet away from where they were standing.

I did hear from the previous owner that they come around quite often, and sometimes will come all the way to the house.  While I think it is quite neat that they come around, I am not looking forward to trying to keep a deer proof vegetable garden.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. emily
    Nov 03, 2008 @ 10:23:41

    Wow, you have some friendly deer there. I hope your dogs don’t mind them in their space!


  2. Meg
    Nov 03, 2008 @ 12:18:23

    Apparantly you missed the invite to the deer kegger in your backyard. Can you just see them all hanging out and all of a sudden, “Oh no, the humans here. Hide the beer!”


  3. noble pig
    Nov 03, 2008 @ 19:09:11

    The one where they are all lined up are hysterical.


  4. cancersucksbigtime
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 14:08:18

    That’s incredable !! Very cool!


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