I’m sure this is exactly what you wanted to hear about!

I suppose the Twilight obsession is over for now.  I went to see the movie yesterday with my sister, and was pretty happy with it.  I won’t say much, only that I thought they could have delved into the story a bit more.  Key plots and points were missing, I thought.

There was no way I was going to see it when it first opened, so we went to an early show on Sunday, and there weren’t many people there, it was perfect.

I tried to convince my sister to read the books beforehand, but she never did.  So, I got to spend the two hours answering whispered questions about the story, and then some more on the ride home.  I told her she had to read the books.  I gave her Twilight to read, and once she is finished, we’ve decided to see it again.  Hopefully the second time around will be more successful.

Don’t be mistaken, what they did put in the movie, they did a good job of portraying.  There were a few moments that could have been planned and played out better in my opinion, but overall, it was satisfying.  I think the characters were a good fit, Edward especially.  I had my doubts about that one, but aside from the disturbingly hokey parts, he was good. 

We should be thankful for the extreme success this movie has brought in, because now we just have to prepare ourselves for the second one!


Did I mention that he is SO much cuter in person

I’ve been thinking about this all morning, and I simply can’t remember the last concert I went to.  That’s how often I attend concerts.  It used to be a very frequent thing, when tickets didn’t cost anywhere near $100, like some of them do these days.  I suppose I just lost interest in going, when I was paying more and more each time to sit further away from the stage, and was only able to see the artist on a screen.

Last night, however, last night was different.  My sister and I went to see Amos Lee, at The Ark in Ann Arbor. Now THAT was worth it.  It was more of a coffee house performance than anything else.  We were sitting just a few rows from the stage, directly in front of him.  It is a small place, only holding a couple of hundred people.  A place where he was able to hear anyone who spoke to him. 

 He is one of those pure artists, who could sing without anything in the background, and still put you on your knees.  The real thing was 100 times better than the recorded songs.  I’ve never been able to say that about another artist that I’ve seen live.  While I’ve always really liked his music, I’ve never liked it more than I do now, after seeing him live.  It was incredible.  He put on a great show, and made it fun for everyone.  His music is a mix of folk, jazz and soul.  A combination that he pulls off with amazing finesse.

We were able to meet him at the end, and he was so warm and friendly to everyone.  I am aware that this may very well be the last time we are able to see him in such a small crowd, as he is getting more and more popular everyday.  But, I can say that even when it becomes a full blown concert, I would still go see him and consider every penny well spent.

Country living….in the city, part 2

We had a few visitors the other night.

I’ve seen some deer in our backyard a few times since we’ve lived here.  It was always only one at a time.  I was going to let the dogs out a few nights ago, and way in the backyard I spied one deer behind a tree.  I decided to grab the camera to get some pictures, and when I got out there, I noticed another one on the edge of the woods.  I went inside to get a different lens and when I came back out, this is what greeted me.

It’s hard to believe they were all just standing there in my backyard.  We live in a very suburban area, but our backyard backs up to a short span of woods and then a creek.  Other than that, we are completely surrounded by houses.  They didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence at all.  I continued to walk closer to them, until I was standing about ten feet away.  It turns out they were a little curious as well.  A couple of them started coming toward me.

They walked a few feet closer to me, and then were distracted by something.  Probably the loud construction workers and machinery working on a house behind us, not even fifty feet away from where they were standing.

I did hear from the previous owner that they come around quite often, and sometimes will come all the way to the house.  While I think it is quite neat that they come around, I am not looking forward to trying to keep a deer proof vegetable garden.