In memory

Seven years ago today, I was sitting in a conference room attending a seminar with a bunch of sound engineers.  Things were just starting up, when a coworker of mine walked in and informed everyone that two planes had just flown into the World Trade Center buildings.  I will never forget that moment.  First, there was silence.  Everyone seemed to be comprehending the information just thrown at them.  Second, there were glances between everyone in the room, silently asking eachother what to do.  Third, the speaker of the seminar called a short recess.  We all migrated down to the bar of the hotel, where the news was blasting from the television sets about these terrorist attacks. 

Then insanity seemed to rain down on everyone.  There were frenzied people trying to get a hold of their loved ones, loved ones that worked in or near the World Trade Centers,  loved ones that live in Manhattan, or loved ones that just happened to be in New York City at that time.  At the same time, life had to move forward.  Some people attended the rest of the seminars that day, others were drifting in and out, others simply left.  But, there was never a shortage of people in that bar, silently watching that smoke filled sky, always hoping for just a little more information.

Nope, I will never forget that day.  I’ve never actually talked to someone that wasn’t able to recite where they were the exact moment it happened.  It will be forever stamped in our memory.  Most of all, I will never forget the outreach that day.  Comfort was everywhere, but those who needed it in New York City, those who were just waiting to hear the news of their loved ones, got to see thousands of people reach out to them.  They saw volunteers from all over the place putting their lives on the line, in hope of finding just one person. 

So, here we are, seven years later.  For some, that day will just be a memory to them, to some it was a day that changed their life forever, and for some it was a day that they saved a life.  Whether they rescued someone from the debris, or comforted someone enough for that person to realize that they could move forward, that their life didn’t end there.  We all learned so much that day, just don’t ever forget the lessons it taught us.


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  1. noble pig
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 23:11:55

    Yep, we should never forget.


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