A night on the river

Hi there!  I seem to have lost track of time yet again.  I need to catch up, and I realize this is coming a little late, but I just had to mention it!

I couple of weekends ago was the long awaited wedding of my cousin.  It turned out to be a beautiful night, and the party on the boat was great!

We boarded the boat in St. Clair Shores, traveled down to the Ambassador bridge and then back again.  The scenery was beautiful along the way, especially the city lights later in the evening.  Everyone had a wonderful time!


I’ve never read any Harry Potter books either

I must be missing out on something here. Everywhere I turn people are talking about The Twilight Series, and I have yet to read it.

My friend Emily told me about it months ago, and I assumed I wouldn’t have any trouble finding the books. I assumed wrong. A couple of the bookstores I checked were currently sold out, and the library already had a waiting list the length of the Nile. There wasn’t a chance of finding them at a book sale. I eventually found some at Barnes & Noble, but I have this funny thing about paying full price for a hardcover book. Not that I don’t think it would be worth it, it’s just…this thing I have. If it had been one book, I would probaby have bought it, but there were three already out, and the fourth was coming out soon (at that time). I couldn’t bring myself to purchase them.

I could have just bought the first one, but we all know what would have happened then.  I would have finished it in a few days, and then would have had to go out and purchase the next one, finish that one in a matter of days, and so forth.  The fourth book came out not to long ago, and I simply can’t ignore it any longer.

So, I think I just may have to give in and read this saga.  I just need to get my hands on them first.

Country living….in the city

That’s the difference between me and him, he saw no problem driving our tractor down the road in order to get it home.  Can you tell he grew up in the country?

There was a small hiccup in the closing process yesterday, and after sitting in a 6 by 6 room with four other people for 5 hours, we had to call it a day. 

However, I just got word that the house is officially ours.  So, the fun part begins.  I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible!