Movie talk

We went and saw The Dark Knight at the IMAX theatre over the weekend.  It. Was. Awesome.  I’ve never watched any of the old Batman movies, but when we saw Batman Begins at IMAX when it came out, I was hooked.  Although it was great to see Christian Bale 10 times larger than I would at any other movie theatre, seeing Heath Ledger as the joker wasn’t so hot.  It was downright freaky.  But, he made THE perfect joker.  He played that part so superbly, I honestly don’t think there could have been anyone better.  I know everyone is saying that he should have gotten an Oscar for his role, and I couldn’t agree more.  You just have to look past the painted face, creepy voice, and thing he does with his mouth that makes you think he wants to eat you up.  It’s all about the detail people, when you are in a theatre that is six stories high and eight wide, the details tend to pop a little more than they would anywhere else.  It brings to mind Beowulf, the last movie we saw there. In 3-D no less.  Let’s just say the men enjoyed the details of Angelina Jolie painted gold.

I don’t know what it is about superheros that draws people in, but I can’t seem to get enough of them.  It is mainly the comic book movies, but The Matrix is a favorite as well.  I consider them to be superheros.  Spiderman, Batman and X-men are probably my most favorite.  Of course, I am talking about all the most recent ones.  None of that cheesy stuff.

While we’re on the subject, have you ever seen Heroes? That show is the definition of addiction.  Derek got season one as a gift a while back, and he started watching it one night.  I happened to be walking by, and got sucked in.  End of story.  It didn’t take us long to finish that season.  Season two comes out in late August, and season three starts in September.  I was one of those that went through the Buffy the Vampire Slayer phase as well. I still have every single season on DVD.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  I am the type to watch a movie over and over an endless amount of times if I really like it.  Derek is the same way, so he always believed if you were going to do that, you might as well own the movie.  Hence, our collection of over 500 movies.

So, if you liked Batman Begins, you will definitely like The Dark Knight.  I recommend you see it.


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  1. Meg
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 09:16:12

    It’s been ages since I’ve seen a movie in theatres but I really, really want to see this one. And, unfortunately, I’m the only superhero geek amongst my friends so it might be difficult.

    I feel ya on the Buffy. I just added season 1 to my Netflix cue.


  2. emily
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 10:40:44

    I’m excited to see Dark Night too. And I lovelovelove Heroes! It’s my favorite series right now, I can’t wait for it to start again!


  3. noble pig
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 11:23:55

    It seems the only movies I get to see at the theater are kids films! I really want to see this one though.

    And Heroes, I haven’t seen it.


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