The first of what I am sure will be a whole lot of moving posts

In less than two weeks, we will be closing on the new house.  Here I am, looking around my house at everything that is still not packed up.  I just don’t know where to start.  Every single time I look at something and decide I can pack it up, I then convince myself that I will need it sometime within the next two weeks. 

It really snuck up on me.  The last couple of weeks, I kept thinking there was plenty of time to get everything done.  Then reality kicked in, and I realized there isn’t much time at all.  [Insert freak out here]

Everyone keeps on telling me that I can no longer be emotionally attached to this house.  It will never be the same again, and I do realize that.  If it were being sold, it wouldn’t be so hard.  But, this house is one we will still own in the years to come.  And it will change.  I’ve faced that, but as I look around, memories pop in and out of my head from the past three years.  This is where Derek and I started our life together (in a marriage sense), and there was so much that happened here.  I am not a big fan of change, I prefer simplicity and order.  In the end, I realize that the new house will provide so many new memories, and it will be the place we raise a family someday.  It’s not like we could have stayed where we were our entire lives, anyway.

I’ve been thinking about the situation at the new house, with the previous owners living so close.  I honestly don’t think they will bother us, but they must have the same feelings I am having.  This is a house where they raised a family (turns out, I graduated from high school with one of their daughters), remodeled a number of times, and I am sure that place is full of memories.  Oh well, life goes on.

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time packing things up, and coming across things that I had forgotten about.  I started packing up the storage room downstairs, the one that I cleaned out a while back. I ended up taking pictures of the collages and will finally throw them out.

I sent out Christmas cards the first year we moved in, and had planned to do the same each year since, which never happened.  After Christmas the first year, I stocked up on cards when they all went on super clearance.  Well, stocked up is an understatement, I’ve got loads of them!  Looks like I will have to pick up the tradition again of sending them out.  Or atleast give them to someone who will! 

I just need to mention the clothes for a minute.  I’ve never realized just how big my wardrobe is.  Every single closet in my house has clothes of mine in it.  The sad thing is that I don’t wear half of them, and probably don’t even fit into a quarter of them.  I made the mistake of putting on a few pounds years ago, and getting rid of all my clothes, only to lose the weight again.  I haven’t gotten rid of much since then.  I really need an overhaul on my closet, and now just might be the time to do it.  We’ll have to see about that.  I have to admit, I’ve got a husband that is quite a picky dresser, and can compete fairly with me on the clothes front.  I won’t even mention the shoes and coats.  What couple really needs two closets devoted mainly to shoes and coats?

I will be so relieved when this move is over.  Of course, then I am faced with the task of doing something I couldn’t even do in a span of three years, in a house larger than the one we are moving into; finding a good spot for everything.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. noble pig
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 16:19:54

    Oh that’s hard but the minute you move on…so will your mind and you will create beautiful new memories in your new home.


  2. Emily
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 16:23:14

    Good luck on the move, it will go by so fast and you’ll be crazy busy, but it will be so great and rewarding when it’s all done. I’m curious to know who the girl is that we graduated with too.


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