There will be some partying to do

 Well, we got it!  A verbal acceptance, that is.  We haven’t signed anything yet.  So, unless something happens, and it falls through the cracks, here is our new house!

This is a picture I just borrowed from the listing.  As we are working on it, I am sure you will see plenty more.  And trust me, there is PLENTY of work to be done.  We walked into SO many houses thinking, “what were these people thinking?!”.  One house we went in had some sort of mushroom growing out of the floor.  I’m not sure about you, but I find that real desirable.  There was another with wallpaper that had to be from the 1940’s, covering everything.  I mean, do closet doors really need wallpaper.  For the most part, this house is pretty simple.  With only two three four major screw up’s according to my standards.  First, rose printed carpet in the master bedroom.  Seriously, who in their right mind picks out carpet like that?  No pictures to document that one yet, but I will as soon as I can.  We plan to rip out all the carpet before we even move in, so that’s not a problem.  Second,  white knotty pine cabinetry paired with a dark green counter top and back splash.


Last time we were there, my sister pointed something out that I thought was hilarious!  The back splash looks like an aerial image you would see on a map. I think she may be on to something here.  I am thinking some paint on the cabinets until Derek is able to build some custom ones, and as soon as we can, new counter tops and back splash.  Did I mention that light fixture?  Third, popcorn ceilings.  Need I say more?  Fourth, knotty pine paneling in one of the bedrooms.  Not much I can say about that except, WHY?

I really am not complaining.  I am excited to fix up this house, and make it our own.  We will be happy here for a very long time.  Here’s what did us in.


 This picture doesn’t even do the yard any justice.  For being in the city, it’s HUGE! If that house with the fungus had been on this lot, I would have bought it.  Ok, maybe not.


I’m a Degree fan myself

There isn’t much I can say except, read this.

Downright hilarious!

You can never have too many flip flops

I don’t know where the last two weeks went.  Things have been somewhat crazy.  Yet, it doesn’t feel like I’ve done much.  Two weekends ago is when my dad and I traveled 2,500 miles in a matter of 40 hours.  Last weekend was filled with a Garden walk and a bridal shower.  Honestly, bridal showers are always so boring, but this one was actually fun!  We spent time painting flower pots, decorating flip flops, and making chocolate covered pretzels.  This wedding is in August, and the reception is on a boat.  Hence, flip flops!

Here’s the bride to be (my cousin), with our grandmother.

My sister and I with her.

We had a really good time, and decorating those flip flops was such a good idea, I will probably make some more eventually.

Blame the yard

Well, we didn’t get the house.  I’m not losing any sleep over it.  We are putting an offer in on another one tomorrow.  This particluar one, we actually saw a few weeks ago, but were too enthralled with the first one to notice this one for what it really was. 

So anyway, the house we are offering on has a lot of potential.  The key word there is potential.  It’s very small, no basement, and it needs some work.  On the other hand, it sits on over an acre, is very charming, and it’s a brick ranch.  The location probably couldn’t get any better.  So, once again, cross your fingers!

In other news, Derek passed the state exam, so he is now a licensed EMT.  Woo-Hoo!!  He hopes to work one day a week somewhere while he goes through the rest of the program to become a Paramedic.  He did his clinicals through a local ambulance company, and they told him to apply there once he was licensed.  So, that’s the plan!

Say hello to my little friend

Meet Montana.

He is the newest addition at the farm, and boy is he cute!  He is a Shetland pony, and only three days old today.  Hence, not leaving his mother’s side quite yet. 

I’ve never seen a baby horse before, well atleast not one this young.  Everything about him is just so adorable.  The “who are you” look he gives you; how he has to run to keep up with his mom, and then his akward legs get in the way, and he trips a little; the constant interest in everything around him.  I just wanted to pick him and bring him home with me!  My sister in law rescued the white pony (Willow) and she was already pregnant. 

Definitely worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Moving on, again

Well, the outcome doesn’t look good for that house.  There is a bidding game going on, and honestly, we aren’t even interested anymore.  We put one final offer in yesterday, so we should know today or tomorrow.  But, we already have plans to go look at more properties later this week.

We had a good weekend.  Being a pretty big Sex and The City fan, I have yet to see the movie. I am hoping to go later on this week.  Derek had a birthday over the weekend, so some family came over for dinner on Saturday.  I made PW’s lasagna, and it was a huge hit!  In the years since we’ve been married, and all the meals I’ve attempted to make, I do believe this was the first meal that he was 100% satisfied with.  It seems, he always has something to say about a meal.  It has really honed my cooking skills though, so I guess I can’t complain.  We all have to start somewhere, right?

Next week, my dad and I are going down to Florida to get my grandparents ready to come back and then drive them home.  I can’t wait to see them again, I miss them so much!  It’ll be nice to get away for a few days, too.