Don’t worry, I’ve pulled some good ones on him

As some of you may already know,  my husband is quite the joker.  He is very good at tricking me, and most of the time, I STILL fall for it.  Here is a recent example.

Saturday, I went out shopping and he went to his sister’s house to help her with some things.  He calls me after we’ve both been gone for a couple of hours and tells me that he left the gate open in the kitchen, so the dogs were able to roam the whole house (we always barricade them in the kitchen, so they don’t get into any trouble).  I was on my way home to get dinner together, my mother was with me.  We arrived and the outdoor gate that encloses our yard was wide open.

We go into the house, and I call the dogs.  Nothing.  I run all over the house, checking every room, and still nothing.  So, being me, I start to freak out.  I call him back, and this is what happened.

“Did you take the dogs with you?”
“No, why?  What did they get into?”
“Nothing, they aren’t here!”
“What do you mean, they aren’t there?”
“You really didn’t take them with you??!?”
“No, why would I do that?!”  (with a slight giggle in his voice)
“You better not be joking with me, tell me the truth right now”, I say, almost crying.
“Yes, honey, I took them with me.  I can’t believe you actually believed me.”

He wonders why I thought this could have possibly been an accident.  An hour later, we are all there, and he leaves the outside gate wide open and the dogs run off. 

I don’t know that I will ever really know when to tell if he is kidding and when he is serious.  Atleast he keeps me on my toes!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caprilis
    May 19, 2008 @ 13:02:52

    you need to tell him the story of the boy who cried wolf one too many times… what a brat you married 🙂


  2. noble pig
    May 20, 2008 @ 03:41:47

    Ha, he got you…maybe you need a joke up your sleeve.


  3. Meg
    May 20, 2008 @ 12:53:44

    Wow, I probably would have cried. And maybe beat him up. 🙂


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