Happy Birthday, Buddy

Keiko is two today.  Yes, I do acknowledge all my animals birthday’s every year.  They are my babies.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  Who wouldn’t love this goofy guy right here?

When we got him, we had no intention of getting another husky.  We went to a breeder that dealt with many different types of dogs and were looking for a German Shepherd.  As we were walking up, we passed this little guy’s crate and Derek adored him.  We still looked at other puppies, but kept coming back to him.  We brought Kirra along with us to make sure she got along with whatever dog we chose.

It was a match made in heaven.  They loved eachother.  Although she is a female, and a little on the small side, she is VERY dominate and stubborn.  Keiko had no problem with that, they got along great.  He was very laid back and looked up to her.  We were convinced. 

They are still best friends.  I remember one night, Kirra spent the night at my sister-in-law’s house and Keiko was miserable.  He sat by the door the entire night.  They haven’t been apart since.  I am so thankful they get along.

Besides the fact that he; digs massive holes in the garden, gets irritated if you touch him when he doesn’t want to be touched, has a huge fear of walking on any floor that doesn’t have carpet, sheds enough hair that it needs to be swept everyday, is scared of anything that he doesn’t recognize, attacks my brother and sister-in-law’s pet duck (sorry, again), I love him.

I love the times when I am eating breakfast and he will come rest his head on my lap, or paw at me to get my attention.  The times when he will jump on the couch and cuddle in next to me.  The times during the summer we spend running and chasing eachother around, or chasing the water stream.  When we go for walks, and half way through, he will turn around and look at me to make sure he is being good, and when I assure him that he is, his ears wiggle and he jumps to give me a hug.  I love the fact that he is a male and doesn’t lift his leg to pee, because he never learned how.  I also love that I can feel safe with him, he has the power to be an excellent guard dog when he knows something is wrong. 

He’s our guy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday Keiko!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jenny
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 08:21:35

    happy birthday keiko ! man – what a beautiful dog!


  2. Emily
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 15:15:39

    Aww, Happy birthday Keiko!


  3. debkolar
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 20:48:45

    I love him too! Happy birthday Kakes!


  4. amber
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 16:21:02

    Happy Birthday Keiko….Don’t worry about the Duck I kind of thought it was a chew toy as well..


  5. Tattoos
    Apr 07, 2008 @ 08:04:44

    Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting


  6. Ok, Where was I?
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 23:53:41

    Such a cute little puppy, how could you not get him?! I have a dog that hates the floors without carpet too. Sometimes I can see her working up the courage for entire minutes to make the daring cross over from one rug to another.


  7. Starwoodgal
    May 09, 2008 @ 20:19:27

    Happy Belated Birthday Keiko!

    I love huskies and mallies! I have a big ole’ Alaskan Malamute named Gus. He thinks he’s human. Shed tons of hair, freaks out on slippery surfaces too. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. The labs? That’s a different story.


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