My long lost husband

I am jumping off the walls here.

Tomorrow, I get to spend an entire day with my husband.  Most of you are probably thinking, “Well, why is that so exciting?”.  Well, because of the fact that I NEVER see him.  EVER!  Especially this semester.  Here is a glimpse into our crazy schedule.

I work Monday through Friday during the day.
He works Sunday through Thursday 3 to 11:30.
He goes to school Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8 am.
Friday nights we usually have dinner together, and then he goes and plays basketball with a bunch of his friends.
Saturdays, he is doing clinicals all day.
Sundays, I get up early and go to the farm, he sleeps in and then goes to work.

So, basically I see him for a couple minutes on the days he goes to school,  Friday evenings and sometimes on Saturday. For him to have an entire day free is a very special treat!! 

After this weekend though, we only have to hold out five more weeks.  That’s when this semester ends, and we will both have much more free time.  It will still only be Fridays and Saturdays, but compared to what it is now, that’s a huge improvement!!

I’ll admit, we will probably just hang out at home and do some things that need doing.  But atleast we are together.

Come to think of it, we’ve never had a “normal” schedule.  He has always worked either nights or afternoons (there was only a brief day shift period in there), and I’ve always been going to school.  When the day comes that we spend more than one or two days a week together, it will be a whole new experience.  I wonder if that day will ever come….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Treasia
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 10:04:24

    I know exactly what you mean about not ever being able to spend time alone with your husband. My husband’s hours are long and hard and when he does have weekends off we have his two children. So believe me I can relate.

    Have a wonderfully fabulous day together.


  2. Ok, Where Was I?
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 12:03:52

    Gee, what will you two be doing?!

    I hope you have a good time–and find something to talk about after not having been around each other for so long!


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