My long lost husband

I am jumping off the walls here.

Tomorrow, I get to spend an entire day with my husband.  Most of you are probably thinking, “Well, why is that so exciting?”.  Well, because of the fact that I NEVER see him.  EVER!  Especially this semester.  Here is a glimpse into our crazy schedule.

I work Monday through Friday during the day.
He works Sunday through Thursday 3 to 11:30.
He goes to school Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8 am.
Friday nights we usually have dinner together, and then he goes and plays basketball with a bunch of his friends.
Saturdays, he is doing clinicals all day.
Sundays, I get up early and go to the farm, he sleeps in and then goes to work.

So, basically I see him for a couple minutes on the days he goes to school,  Friday evenings and sometimes on Saturday. For him to have an entire day free is a very special treat!! 

After this weekend though, we only have to hold out five more weeks.  That’s when this semester ends, and we will both have much more free time.  It will still only be Fridays and Saturdays, but compared to what it is now, that’s a huge improvement!!

I’ll admit, we will probably just hang out at home and do some things that need doing.  But atleast we are together.

Come to think of it, we’ve never had a “normal” schedule.  He has always worked either nights or afternoons (there was only a brief day shift period in there), and I’ve always been going to school.  When the day comes that we spend more than one or two days a week together, it will be a whole new experience.  I wonder if that day will ever come….


Another year has gone by

Well, last weekend I finally managed to remember to take my camera out to the farm.  Of course I wasn’t able to ride due to the four inches of snow that decided to make it’s way out to us last Friday.

Echo turns three today.  I have a feeling this is going to be an exciting year for us.  We went trail riding a couple of weeks ago on a nice day.  Now, I haven’t had any experience training a horse before, but from what I can tell, she was absolutely perfect out on the trail.  When we came up to some obstacles, she didn’t even blink an eye.  The few mistakes there were can be blamed on me, because I was more nervous than her.  But, I smoothed it out and calmed down a bit.  She loaded right into the trailer and stood still.  I can’t wait to get out there again!!

Anyway, here are some pictures my sister snapped of her and I last weekend.

Here she is with the barn cat.  He is such a sweetie and loves to hang out with the horses. 

Happy Birthday, Echo!!  Here’s to another wonderful year!

Oh yeah!

Happy 1st Day of Spring everyone!!

Pirates of the Great Lakes

There is this thing about me.  I don’t usually go to parties…or bars…I’d rather stay home, or just spend time with people doing other things.  I wasn’t always this way, I did do my share of partying when I was younger, and when I met Derek, who barely ever drinks, things turned around.

So, put me at a party for one of my good friends from the past, and you’ve got a full blown reunion of people I haven’t seen in years!  I had a really good time, and the whole dressing up as a wench thing wasn’t so bad.  Derek did come for a little while when he was done working, but we ended up leaving shortly after that.

Here is my sister and I…and I am not really sure what the dog is doing here….

Here we are again with my sister-in-law and the birthday boy.

Here he is again…with the freaky pirate dog in the background.

It was really good to see some old friends, and even Westley was there.  I haven’t seen that movie in a long time, but I never really considered him a pirate of any sort.  He was a farmer in the beginning.  I guess this particular being could have been trying for Zorro, but either way, not a pirate!

Edited to add: Apparently, Westley WAS a pirate too, I seem to have forgotten that piece of vital information!  I told you it was a long time!!

He really does like her

Last night, Derek and I had an argument about my horse.  It wasn’t serious, and everything was fine about twenty minutes later.  He just has this constant need to get me riled up, and that isn’t too hard to do.

So, I am not going to go into the details.  It was pointless, and honestly it was really my fault.  See, I belong to the class of arguers that don’t know how to argue.  I just lose my temper and start yelling things.  Most of the time they don’t make sense and in an argumentative sense, they are not good arguments AT ALL!  Derek is a class A arguer, so most of the time, I just get upset because I can’t defend myself, forget about it, and things are fine five minutes later.  It’s just what we do.

So, I was actually laughing my butt off this afternoon, upon receiving this.

I think I’ll keep him.

Friday ramblings

The snow seems to be melting at an astonishing rate.  This intermediate time between spring and summer is rather depressing.  Everything is still brown, and when the snow melts, the multitude of litter on the side of the road is overwhelming.  Oh yeah, then there is the whole everywhere-you-go-there-is-mud phenomenon.  The farm is the worst this time of year.  Those white “socks” on Echo?  They aren’t even visible.  You walk out into the pasture, and you have to do it quickly becuse you very well may be sucked into the soggy ground before you even know it.  In spite of all the negative facts just pointed out, it is exciting that Spring is finally coming around!

In other news, I found this website and decided to send this to Derek.

I’ve got to attend a “Pirates and Wenches” party this weekend.  Not sure why a costume party is being held in the middle of March, but nonetheless, it should be fun.  It’s a birthday party for a friend of mine.  Derek just “doesn’t do” costume parties, but he also has clinicals on Saturday night, so I will be attending with my sister.  I’ll let you know how it all spans out.

All play, no work

What is it about dogs always wanting to knaw on eachother?

These two crack me up.  This is what they did all day Saturday.  Whenever either one wants to start playing, they walk up to the other and gently bite them.  Then all hell breaks loose.  They run around, chasing eachother, nipping at the other one.  The legs are always a common spot.

Although he is the larger one, Keiko is the baby of the two.  Sometimes Kirra will let him think he is winning..

But a couple of seconds after that, she always is back in control.  And the cycle just starts all over again.  They can keep themselves entertained for hours.  Which, sometimes is very nice.  The rest of the time, they follow me or Derek around, wanting us to play with them.  Regardless, it’s always fun to watch them play or to play with them.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand the whole biting thing, but whatever they get out of it, it must taste good.

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