Back on track…for the time being

Here I was getting all worked up that it was actually going to start warming up again.  Guess again.  Just another day and another snowfall to go with it.  I’ve never minded winter before, but honestly, this year it is starting to get on my nerves.  I am ready for spring.

Yesterday was spring enough for me though.  It was around 40 degrees, and we were out there without our coats on, having a jolly time.  Isn’t it funny how northern people will jump at a chance to go without a winter coat in 40 degree weather, while southern people would be all bundled up in winter gear at a sighting of 40 degree weather.  Anyway, I did go riding yesterday for a little while.  It was the first time I took Echo out of the training arena, and she did very good.  There were a couple of times she spooked over new sights or sounds, but they weren’t bad at all.  I just talked her through it, and there was no bucking or running off.  We just walked down the road a little ways, and there was only one car that drove by.  I decided to play it safe as it was driving by, and I got off her and just stood at the side of the road.  She was completely fine.  Besides the fact that my legs feel like noodles today, I can’t wait to go out again!  I had this whole big plan to document the first ride this season with photos, but you guessed it, I forgot my camera. 

It seems like just yesterday she was just a little filly and I was getting on her for the first time.

This was last summer, notice the cheesy grin on my face.  I was a little excited that day.  It was an excellent day though.  There was such a sense of accomplishment and pride when I knew I had helped get her there.  Of course, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the help of my sister-in-law.  She has been such a wonderful teacher throughout this whole process, and I know I will always be learning from her. 

Everything else has been pretty busy around these parts.  So, I will apologize now for the lack of posting and any lack in the forseeable future. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meg
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 15:03:10

    Great job, Steph! We’re supposed to get more snow tonight. I give up, I’m officially moving to Hawaii. At least it’s almost March, right?

    Your horse is beautiful!


  2. Sarah is Ok
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 16:48:07

    I’m from the Midwest and live there now, but I went to school in Florida for several years. I never completely lost my Midwestern thermostat, so I always laughed in November and December when the natives would get out their parkas b/c it had dropped to 50s in the day time, and possibly, if you were out at 3am, upper 30s at night. I am going to be right there in my shorts with the other Midwesterners if it ever does warm up to the 50s this spring.


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