An escape

In an attempt to bring some warmth to this cold, snowy winter we seem to be stuck in,  I decided to post some pictures from the botanical gardens at the University of South Florida.  We really enjoy visiting here when we go to Florida because it is a community project, so there are touches of different styles of gardening.  These are from our last trip there over the holidays.

Those first three were some of the only flowers blooming this time around, and I just really like that last picture because the clouds look so neat in it.  That’s all I’ve got time for tonight.  Now, back to reality….


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  1. Sarah is Ok
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 16:40:18

    It is unreal that the sun actually looks that warm and flowers that colorful. As another Midwestern girl, I simply cannot take another snow fall. It’s endless. I don’t even entirely believe that spring is coming–it’s like I think it will just be white forever. And then I’m going to have to pack all my crap and move to Hawaii, and I don’t like flying.


  2. Christine
    Jun 02, 2008 @ 19:02:23

    Great pictures. I went to school there for 9 years and not once did I go to the garden; it looks like I missed out! I will have to get down there sometime. Love your blog and thanks for sharing!


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