Maybe they’ll disappear into a pothole

Dear the lovely drivers that I share the road with on a daily basis,

1.  It’s called the fast lane for a reason.  If you feel obligated to merge into this lane to pass someone that is going two miles an hour under the speed limit, atleast go faster than the speed limit. 

2.  You live in Michigan, and guess what?  IT SNOWS HERE!!  Get used to driving in these conditions, or move somewhere else.  A little snow does not give you the right to drive 35 mph in the fast lane, just because it is the lane with the least amount of snow. 

3.  Accidents happen, and people get ticketed every single day.  This is not reason to slow down to 30 mph, causing traffic to back up three miles.  And something else you may not have figured out yet either, when your eyes aren’t on the road, that usually leads to an accident.  So, save yourself and just ignore the tow truck on the side of the road, just keep on driving.

4.  If you still live here and haven’t figured this one out yet, please move away!  Slamming on your brakes does absolutely nothing when you see brake lights one mile ahead of you.  ESPECIALLY when the weather is bad.  I remember being taught specifically not to slam on the brakes when the roads are wet or icy.  It doesn’t end well.

5.  If there is a policeman in the vicinity of you, whether it be driving down the road or stopped and parked, IT’S OKAY to go the speed limit.  Even a few mph above, and nothing will happen to you.  I promise!!  I do believe cops drive slower than they should just to annoy people, and scare them out of driving like a normal person.  As long as you aren’t doing anything wrong, there is no need to freak out!

These are the things you will most likely find me yelling about in my car.  Never to anyone else, just screaming at them through my tightly closed windows.  I have a tendency to be a little impatient when it comes to driving.  I do follow all the rules, and usually just drive 5 mph over the speed limit.  It’s ironic that I love to drive, and at the same time hate traffic.  It’s a balancing act really, the horrible drives in the winter are shown up by the beautiful drives during the warm months.  The rush hour traffic is unavoidable, but after taking the same route for so long, you figure out the quickest way. 

Being on time is a major issue with me.  I start to panic if I am going to be late somewhere.  I am the type to call someone if I am going to be 5 minutes late. This is something that will probably always be with me, something I just can’t avoid.  The impatient gene I obtained happens to be from my father, but the control issues are something I created all by myself!  I suppose I could have it worse and live in LA, Chicago or New York.  Just another reason for me to move out to the country.


Back on track…for the time being

Here I was getting all worked up that it was actually going to start warming up again.  Guess again.  Just another day and another snowfall to go with it.  I’ve never minded winter before, but honestly, this year it is starting to get on my nerves.  I am ready for spring.

Yesterday was spring enough for me though.  It was around 40 degrees, and we were out there without our coats on, having a jolly time.  Isn’t it funny how northern people will jump at a chance to go without a winter coat in 40 degree weather, while southern people would be all bundled up in winter gear at a sighting of 40 degree weather.  Anyway, I did go riding yesterday for a little while.  It was the first time I took Echo out of the training arena, and she did very good.  There were a couple of times she spooked over new sights or sounds, but they weren’t bad at all.  I just talked her through it, and there was no bucking or running off.  We just walked down the road a little ways, and there was only one car that drove by.  I decided to play it safe as it was driving by, and I got off her and just stood at the side of the road.  She was completely fine.  Besides the fact that my legs feel like noodles today, I can’t wait to go out again!  I had this whole big plan to document the first ride this season with photos, but you guessed it, I forgot my camera. 

It seems like just yesterday she was just a little filly and I was getting on her for the first time.

This was last summer, notice the cheesy grin on my face.  I was a little excited that day.  It was an excellent day though.  There was such a sense of accomplishment and pride when I knew I had helped get her there.  Of course, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the help of my sister-in-law.  She has been such a wonderful teacher throughout this whole process, and I know I will always be learning from her. 

Everything else has been pretty busy around these parts.  So, I will apologize now for the lack of posting and any lack in the forseeable future. 

An escape

In an attempt to bring some warmth to this cold, snowy winter we seem to be stuck in,  I decided to post some pictures from the botanical gardens at the University of South Florida.  We really enjoy visiting here when we go to Florida because it is a community project, so there are touches of different styles of gardening.  These are from our last trip there over the holidays.

Those first three were some of the only flowers blooming this time around, and I just really like that last picture because the clouds look so neat in it.  That’s all I’ve got time for tonight.  Now, back to reality….

A musical dissection

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now, and if I continue to think about it any longer, I will most likely have an enormous anxiety attack, and need to admit myself, because this is just somthing I cannot figure out.   That’s what I do when I can’t figure something out, I pretty much freak out until I do figure it out.  And it’s not saying much about me when it involves such a small task as this one. 

Meg has tagged me.  I am supposed to list my five favorite songs. Which is something I just can’t do.  Music is like therapy for me, and there are SO many favorites that I simply can’t pick.  So, after trying to do this, pulling some hair out, and trying to do this some more, I’ve decided to put a little spin on it and list five of my favorite artists or bands.  This makes it a little easier.

I mainly listen to country music, but like all types of music.  Except rap.  I can’t listen to it.  Music is a constant variable in my life and always will be.  Certain songs and artists have helped me through some hard times in my life, and I will always remember them, but probably won’t ever listen to them again.  So, here are five of my favorite artists/bands and why I enjoy listening to them.

Garth Brooks
His music is just embedded in me because growing up, having a dad that was, and still is a huge Garth fan, that’s mainly what we listened to.  Whenever we took trips, it was always Garth or Bob Seger, and going fishing on the weekends, we’d always have Garth blasting from the speakers.  So, he will always remain one of my all time favorites. 

Martina McBride
She has an amazing voice.  I like her music because she sings about real life things, problems in this world, and she has gotten so many points across about things in this world through music.  I do believe music is a great way to spread the word about something important. 

Ray LaMontagne
I just recently started listening to his music, they played a couple of his songs on Grey’s Anatomy, and I was hooked.  He does a few love songs, and I am a sucker for cheesy love songs.  I was actually first attracted to the tune of his music.  I had a hard time trying to decide to put him or Amos Lee, because I like them equally.  If you like Ray’s music, you’d most likely enjoy Amos as well.

This stems from my younger years, but I still enjoy listening to them.  But the main reason is the guitar.  Particularly the guitar solos in so many Metallica songs.  I love the sound and vibe they give off.  It seems to just reel me in and I tend to zone out of everything that is going on.  Sometimes there is nothing better than getting lost in a song.

Brad Paisley
His music just cracks me up.  It’s always so upbeat and funny.  He’s written so many clever songs, and he is an awesome guitar player.  There are a few romantic songs scattered in there, so with him, you are getting a little bit of everything.

So, there you have it.  As you can see, I am pretty versatile when it comes to music, and this isn’t even the beginning of it.  I am not going to tag anyone, but if you read this and are interested in doing it, consider yourself tagged. 

No mushy love notes for me

It’s Valentines Day.  I know I won’t get a card, I won’t get any flowers, I won’t get a nice dinner, I probably won’t even get a “Happy Valentines Day” from my husband. 

I don’t mind one bit. 

This is just who he is, and one of the reasons I love him so much.  He is stubborn, opinionated, and when he doesn’t agree with something, there is no changing his mind.

I know if I asked him to acknowledge this day, and get me something, he would.  And just knowing that makes me realize that I don’t need to make a big deal out of this day.  While I love romance,  I don’t need any of it from him.  I would be much happier getting a new lens for my camera, or a new vacuum than a huge arrangement of flowers.  I am pretty simple.

He truly is a wonderful husband, and he does amazing things for me all the time.  Having a husband that is as passionate about living in a clean, neat house as I am is romantic enough for my taste.  He is very practical, which is a quality I adore.  So, buying flowers on Valentines day is just not practical, considering the huge increase in prices during that time.  We both agree on that. 

With all my anal retentiveness, and uptight tendencies, he really balances me out.  And once and a great while, he will get me a romantic gift or bring home flowers.  For everyone else out there that are Valentines day suckers, I am sorry to rain on your parade, and I am not putting the holiday down.  My husband just doesn’t believe in it, and over the years, that tends to rub off on me as well. 

A while ago, I got tagged to list five of my favorite songs. I am still working on it, and promise to post it sometime soon.

I feel like complaining today

You know it’s cold outside when you wear your long johns all the time.

You know it’s really cold outside when your siberian huskies will not come in the house.

You know it’s really really cold outside when you go to let your siberian huskies in the house and your hand freezes to the handle. 

This weekend brought nothing but some real cold weather.  Yesterday, the high was about 3 degrees with a wind chill that took it down to about 15 below.  I am SO ready for spring to hit!  It’s not getting any better either.

And, just in case I haven’t had just enough cold, the thermostat at home decided to stop working sometime last night.  Needless to say, our house was about 45 degrees this morning.  It was NOT fun.  Ah, the joys of home ownership…

In our bedroom upstairs, we’ve got an electric heater, so it was remotely warm up there.  But even cranked all the way up, it still couldn’t compete with the weather outside.

We don’t even have a fireplace.  The one thing I told my husband I wanted before we bought a house.  I was assured that we wouldn’t even live in this house long enough to miss it.  Two months later, the market crashed and made it impossible for us to sell our house.  Which brings us to now, still in that house, with no fireplace.  Never again am I settling for less than what I want.  I know that sounds selfish, but I think one simple request for a fireplace could have been fulfilled, and we wouldn’t even be talking about it now.

So, everything added to the extremely cold weather, there seems to be an overload of crabiness in my system today.  It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when it’s so cold I can feel it in my bones.  I had a huge exam last week, and have another quiz to prepare for this week and yet another exam next week.

 I just want a house with a fireplace so I can curl up with a book and not do anything until all this passes. 

Are aquatic creatures even entitled to names?


A few of you asked about the “pet” octopus.  I honestly forget about it most of the time, because I don’t pay any attention to it.  We’ve actually had three of them over the years, this latest one being the shyest.  It NEVER comes out.  If it does, it’s usually when the lights in the tank are off, which is obviously at night. 

The second one we had was the coolest, it would constantly crawl all over the front of the tank.  If there was someone walking across the room, it would follow across the glass.  But the current one lives in a reef setting, so there are many places to hide.  So, what does it do?  It hides.

In general, they are pretty cool.  I would never personally choose to have one, but Derek loves them.  Most of them eat live crayfish, so you have to constantly have those on hand.  Which means another tank to keep them in.  And crayfish?  They are very good at getting out of the tank.  I didn’t really appreciate it when I would find them all over the house, or see one of my dogs batting at one on the floor.  Luckily, this one eats frozen food, so we’re all good!  I definitely wouldn’t want even the smallest octopus on my bad side, because when they catch those crayfish, they just snap them in half as if they were a toothpick and suck out their insides.  It’s quite entertaining to watch them catch and eat the crayfish.

They are also VERY good at camoflauge.  And I am horrible at finding them in the tank.  They can change to any color or pattern depending on their current environment.  Sometimes it would be sitting right on the gravel in front of me, and I would not be able to find it.  Derek finds that quite entertaining.

I found this cool video to demonstrate just how well they are at hiding themselves.

I don’t know much more about them, other than that they are extremely intelligent, and in the wild they can take a relatively large shark down without a problem (they also can get up to 16 feet in diameter).  They are also invertebraes and can fit through the smallest of spaces in order to escape or just get to something they want. 

I feel like I am giving a lesson now, and I am just realizing that you probably don’t really care about the details of this thing.  So, now you know about my octopus.  How weird is that, huh?

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