I am a chatterbox, I really am

So, we had our holiday party at work this afternoon.  Now, I work with a bunch of men. There are two other women in the office, and I talk to them all the time, but I’ve never really gotten to know the men.  Until today.  And I’ve worked there five years.

I am not a real talkative person, and it takes a while for people to get to know me.  Well, put me with some glasses of wine starting at 2 in the afternoon, with no husband to save me from actually talking to anyone else, and you’ve got yourself a chatterbox. Who would’ve thought.  I know the wine was the primary instigator in this case, but IT WASN’T SO BAD.  Talking to people, I mean.  The wine was excellent.

I survived.  And I had a good time.  With some wine.  I ate lots of food, and I think some of my coworkers think I may have been abducted and replaced on this planet.  But, many of them asked me where this girl has been all these years. 

I blame it on horses.  Okay, animals in general.  Because I love animals.  Therefore, I enjoy talking about them.  Well, word got out around the office that I had a horse, and everyone started asking me about it.  So, I started talking, and kept on talking, and then talked some more.  Eventually, it wasn’t just about horses anymore, it was about many different things.  I talked about pheasant hunting!  I think everyone in the office now knows about my plans to go into Nursing, and truthfully, I wasn’t sure everyone was supposed to know about it.

I’ve never really associated friends with coworkers.  I think that is most of the reason I don’t talk to anyone that often.  Another being, that they are a bunch of older men.  They are all really nice, but they always talk about sports, and I don’t.  Well, unless we’re talking the Kentucky Derby here.  They have kids, I don’t.  I am the youngest girl in the office, therefore, I AM a young girl, not a grown up like them.  Oh, and there is the thing where my stomach gets all crampy and I get all sweaty, and turn red when I talk to groups of people.  Yes, that still happens to me.  I’ve just got an aversion to being the center of attention.  If it’s one person, I am okay.  But, when there is more than one, I clam up.   Since I am making stupid excuses for myself, I might as well add that since I’ve gone on so long being the quiet girl that works up front, maybe I should just keep that persona going.

That’s no longer possible.  Today, I turned the tables.  Hopefully I can keep those tables turned.  I think some of that wine is still making me babble, does any of this post make sense?  Maybe things will get easier from now on.  One thing is for sure, I am definitely a better writer than a socialist.  Thanks for listening to me, if you’re still here, that is.


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