Isn’t there something I should be doing?

I think not!!  I think I may have mentioned before, I am out of school!  This weekend was 100 percent proof of that fact.  So, I am taking this time to update all of my loyal readers(however many there are of you).  Aren’t you excited? 

Actually, there isn’t much else I can do today.  We received quite a bit of snow last night, so I am sticking around the house today.  Being caught up on most of the housework, which I accomplished yesterday, there isn’t much for me to do around here.  I went outside this morning to play with the dogs, cooked some excellent taco soup, and since then, just been reading.  I wasn’t even able to make it out to the farm this morning, which I felt really bad about, because Sunday mornings is when I do the chores.  So, I plan on going out sometime this week.

Remember that fashion frenzy I was going through before, well I’ve decided to give those leggings a try.  I know you are all dying to know if I will be wearing my sweet converse with it.  No, I caved and bought a pair of ballet flats to go with it.  And just in case you were unsure of just how un-fashionable I really am, I had to look up WHAT a ballet flat was. I am sorry to all you fashionista’s out there, I am a huge disappointment, I know.

Friday night, the party was a lot of fun.  I love my family, we always have so much fun together.  Oh, and I love shrimp.  Which was highly involved in those festivities.  I think I may have od’d on the little buggers.  Is that possible?  Because if it were, that’d be me!  Did I mention that I love shrimp?

My younger dog, Keiko, had never seen this much snow before.  Last winter we didn’t get very much.  So, this morning when we were out shoveling the driveway and walks, the dogs were having the time of their life.  I think they came inside for about an hour and took a nap, since then, they’ve been out there playing.

Upon coming in the house, before I had a chance to dry them off, they were ready for a nap…

They’re spoiled, I know.  They were still covered in snow at this point, but I couldn’t bring myself to make them move, they were so tired!!  Once rested, they were back at it again.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meg
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 11:38:02

    Congrats on finishing up your semester! I’ve been out of school since 2003, but still every time this year my heart beats a little faster remembering all the late nights writing papers and studying for finals. I have Central Michigan University to thank for introducing me to the joys of coffee!
    Enjoy your holidays and your time off with nothing to do!


  2. etrish
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 12:02:29

    Those are some beautiful pictures of -beautiful- dogs! My huskies never got to see that much snow, but what they did see, they enjoyed immensely.

    Does your camera take video, so that you can post a short movie of them playing in the snow?


  3. leon
    Jan 15, 2008 @ 01:00:40

    You got cool dog!


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