Who would’ve thought?

Growing up in the city did not prepare me for the amount of differences there are when you want to live in the country.  I’ve started the great investigation on what we need to know when purchasing property and building our house on said property.  And, my oh my, there are so many things I never would have thought of.  There is electricity to be run, wells to be dug, septic systems to be installed, and so forth.  Luckily, I’ve got a wonderful husband who grew up in the country to explain all these things to me and my citified mind.

There are so many things to consider when just LOOKING for property.  Do we want to pay more, and find land with an existing well, septic system and electricity?  Do we want completely raw land, and do everything ourselves?  If we buy raw land, how much will it cost to run electricity out there?  At this point, I think we just may live like the cavemen did, that’ll save some work for sure!  Or we could become one of those entirely “green” families that doesn’t use gas or electricity, that wouldn’t be so bad.  But I think in that case, everyone would get quite sick of me.  Seeing that I’d be at their houses all the time, houses that have normal families, playing on their computer.  Because, you can take everything away from me, EXCEPT my computer, and my camera, and my coffeemaker, and my hairdryer, and my washing machine, and this is bad…

Isn’t it funny how things have evolved?  These days, certain things are just expected to be able to lead a normal life.  In the city, you just automatically get a water, gas and electricity hookup with your house.  And nobody thinks twice about living without these things.  We really do take so much for granted, just pawning it off as a way of life.  But it really isn’t a way of life, we have just become so spoiled over the centuries, that we don’t think about it.  Well, I’ve decided that we are going to try to build the most energy efficient house possible.  Who knows what it entails, but we are going to do it!

I am not talking about living like a caveman, because, obviously, I would not be able to do that.  I too have become spoiled over the years.  I just mean a few changes here and there.  We will still have a normal house, we won’t be living in the past.  Just incorporate some different things.  For example, use a wood burning stove to heat the house, install solar panels to assist with electricity and water heating, things of that sort.

So, this is my new project.  Figure out what we need to look for when we start looking for property, and what sort of house we are going to build.  Knowing me, everything will be figured out, recorded, priced, and planned before we even begin looking.  Because that’s just what I do, I plan. 


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