Do they make something for this?

Hi! My name is Steph, and I’m a blogaholic.

It’s official, I’ve fallen into the world of blogging.  I you had asked me a couple of years ago about blogging, I would have said it was a waste of time.  Although I have been reading some friends blogs for a few years now, it was mainly to keep up with them.  Then a few months ago, I started reading a few random blogs, which led me to some more random blogs, and so on.

I never really wanted to start my own, until recently that is, when I realized that it really IS a good tool.  It’s a good way to keep in touch, and an excellent way to log things on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.  Whatever floats your boat!  You can turn your blog into a book, you can retain your own domain, which can give you the peace of mind that nothing could ruin it, and you are free to create any design you like. 

At first I was a little uncomfortable reading some people’s blogs.  You are reading about a person’s life that you don’t even know.  But the more you read, the more you feel like you do know them.  It was like you were standing on the sidelines of someones life, and they didn’t even know you were there.  It was odd at first, until I realized that it is their choice to post the things they do.   They know any random person could come along and read it.  Blogging truly does have it’s own little world, there are awards and conferences, and it’s a good way to make friends, even if they are half way around the world.

I’ve cried, laughed, been disturbed, and very touched by some of the blogs I’ve read.  I was a little nervous at first about starting one, but I’ve come to really enjoy it.  As I’ve seen with other blogs, it’s a good way to get out what you are feeling.  And being a rather reserved person, I don’t have a problem with it.

Right now, I am more addicted to reading them than writing my own.  Every morning, I get up and check the ones I read.  They can really suck you in.  Speaking of checking others, I should probably go check if The Pioneer Woman has posted anything new. This particular blog has really sucked me in, along with half of the female population, I am sure!  If you decide to visit, I am only warning you once.  You will probably spend hours upon hours reading hilarious stories about life on a cattle ranch, looking at her beautiful photography, falling in love all over again with her love story, and putting on a few pounds with her scrumptious recipes.  Your family will wonder who this woman is glued to the computer screen all the time, and your husband will wonder why you want to move out to the country and have him wear chaps and a cowboy hat all the time!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  But, please make sure you come back to visit me once and while! 

Note:  If you are male, and have read the above…you will enjoy this blog as well.


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  1. Meg
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 15:56:59

    I found you through Pioneer Woman as I am always, always looking for new blogs. I have a very boring job that involves tons of internet time so I need things to read.
    I feel your pain. I am in the same situation and have only lately begun commenting on people’s blogs. It makes me feel like less of a stalker if people actually know I’m reading their stuff. Does that make sense?
    You have beautiful babies! And your horse is lovely as well.



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