No longer nervous.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been cramming my brain with information about the nervous system, brain and spinal cord.  I had the exam related to all that tonight, and it went well.  And boy, is my cerebrum fried!  I am just glad it’s finally over and I can spend my Thanksgiving not worrying about studying anything.

I am currently enrolled in the first of two Anatomy and Physiology courses, and I absolutely love it!!  I am pretty wiped out, but the end of the semester is nearing, so I have something to keep me going.  Whoever would have thought Nursing would have been it for me.  Seriously, I always wanted to do something in a male dominated field.

 I have no idea why I always wanted that.  Well, maybe I do.  I always got along better with guys than girls, and had more male friends than female.  That’s not the case anymore, but back when I started school it was.  I just always imagined doing something that not many women would aim for.  None of that matters to me anymore.  For the first time in seven years of college, I can say I am enjoying the classes I am taking. 


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